Clean the House

36 districts to take back the house


Take back the house 

If the daily onslaught of bad news has left you in despair, put your anger, frustration and unhappiness to work. We can all make a difference. Here’s one easy, concrete thing you can do to help.

We must turn the house of representatives blue

The House can be turned Democratic and here is how each of us can help. This is a plan to support 36 congressional districts in what are considered “toss up” contests by friends, foes and independent experts. How these districts go decides who wins the House.  

It comes down to winning these 36 districts

Through our ActBlue campaign, a single donation of $180 will send $5 to every toss-up race in all 36 districts, and $360 will send $10 to every race. Of course, a donation of $3,600 will send $100 to every key race. We’ve made it simple to help all 36 races with a single online donation. Visit our Strategy page to view a full list of the districts and learn more.

Districts Map (1).png


And then get everyone you know to do the same

Most importantly, post this campaign on your social media sites or send e-mail to your friends who share your anger at the direction our nation is heading.

We’ve seen the enormous impact of small-dollar donations in recent elections. When we each give what we can, we can clean the house and bring Democrats back into power. $5 a district does not seem much help until we multiply it by our friends and your friends and their friends. Together we can raise the vast amounts needed to win these districts and clean the house.


Ready to help?